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THE COMPANY... Our tagline "Makelivingmore..."

Formed in 2011 (previously Edify Hospitality HR & Training), with the vision of transforming training into a valuable learning-living experience. Delivering compelling, vivid and candid messages that touches the heart and spurs the mind into action. Hence, making living more meaningful at work and in the world. Creating a belief that you can be the miracle when you edify people with little things that add positive impact and value into peoples lives.



Formed in 2014 as a spin-off from Edify Learning & Development PLT. We found some clients were interested in a more casual, less formal type team experience. With the intention of outdoor themed activities that produced fun, adventure and bonding among members. We have since developed more products that encompasses a variety of groups, situations and degree of adventure. Our aim is to keep these activities challenging but never competitive. We like to adopt the principle of appreciating the moment as oppose to racing against time.


Building learning communities at every level.
Transforming training into a valuable learning-living experience.
  • Instilling universal goodness in continuous learning.
  • Inspiring people with love, through the profession of sharing knowledge.
  • Insisting that positivity leads the way and self-confidence is the thrust that keeps us moving forward.
  • Insurmountable believe in the ability that everyone can improve and change for the better.
Holistic. Assist the nation in developing the economy by equipping its people with world class knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits. At the same time, encouraging higher values to manifest and grow. We simply wish to make living more amazing in every aspect of your life.
VALUE THROUGH OUR DELIVERY …compelling, vivid & candid
  • Facilitating in an engaging, fun fashion to optimize learning through a comfortable, casual and conducive environment.
  • Focusing on the individual, couple, team, divisional and regional  requirements to meet global and local demands.
  • Exploring and aligning mindsets and attitudes to internalize learning for change, enhancement or betterment.
  • Tapping out personalities for understanding plus building courage and self-belief for powerful outcomes.
  • Growing a positive thinking, communicating and leading generation with savvy skills in all sectors of industry.
  • Building for the client a group of individuals that can add value, work effectively, contribute efficiently and recognized professionally.
  • Assisting the client company achieve success and profitability according to its business and strategic plans.
QUALITY THROUGH METHODOLOGY ...learning-living experience
Each topic has its similarities and likewise some unique feature differences when it comes to bringing the best learning tools to participants. We use a variety of traditional, contemporary, new scientific and technological approaches to instill information, attitude, skills and habits in a way that makes it impactful.
  • Demonstration
  • Case Study & Assignments
  • Guided Teaching
  • Study Groups
  • Role Plays & Skills practices
  • Games and Simulations
  • Experiential learning through Stories
  • Discussions and Reflections
  • Critical Thinking Debates & Case Justification
  • Creative Activities
  • Mind Mapping
  • Videos, Music & Props
  • Transactional Analysis (TA) & NLP method