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VERNON C FERNANDEZ CEO | Learning Companion

Vernon C Fernandez has 24 years’ experience in the hospitality industry with 18 years specialization of training and human resources. He has been extensively involved in the design, development and training of modules in the area of attitude, behavior and performance.

Continuing learning, performing and excelling has been his notable combination for success. He is an inspiration to anyone who wishes to champion initiatives beyond the scope of one’s job and create or instill strong values and ethics within the organization.

He is now pursuing his research on our beliefs and attitudes and its impact on us, with the hope to serve appropriately and contribute growth to society. He is constantly on the hunt for better and creative approaches to engage with participants. He is a NLP master practitioner, Time Line Therapy master practitioner and coach.

Vernon’s view of life is written in this phrase – “Be The Miracle”.

CHAI ENG LENG Business Coach | Facilitator

Chai Eng Leng has 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, of which 15 years are at various senior management level leading multinational organization in the capacity of Factory Manager, Quality (QMR) and Environmental (EMR) Management Representative. His vast industrial experience includes many industries such as semiconductor, disk drive, electronics, solar, wafer fabrication and injection molding.

Chai’s key areas of expertise are in:

  • Leading the Production and Quality Assurance organizations in operating with a high level of efficiency and striving to achieve excellence in all endeavors.
  • Focus on continuous improvement in quality of output and production processes, consistent with the Company’s Quality Policy.
  • Maintain company quality management system to comply with ISO9001/ ISO14000 / ISO13485 requirement.
  • Quality and Leadership training

Chai is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, which he achieved in 1998 while he was at Seagate Disk Media Operations in Singapore.

Chai was the KITA (Kulim Industrial Tenants Association) President from 2008-2011. KITA consisted of 22 multinational companies in the Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

Having worked all his life in the corporate world and wanting to create value in growing companies and people, he decided to start “Living A Purpose-Driven Life” as a business coach and facilitator to impart the knowledge he has gained over the years.

CYNTHIA PINGA Business Development & Visual Director | Facilitator

Cynthia Pinga is a MBA graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and previously worked in the FMCG industry with experience in branding & marketing.

Due to her interest in motivating teenagers to define their success in life, Cynthia became part of the organizing committee for PELTAC in 2012. As a Program Officer, she and her team designed the activities for the camp with the mindset that, the impossible is possible when we go a little outside of the comfort zone. PELTAC, the international camp organized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME-UTM-S227) carried the theme “Arise, Shine & Impact – To Leap Beyond the Impossible” in 2012.

Cynthia believes that life should be colourful and learning is endless. Hence, she has tested the waters in various different areas including (but not limited to) video editing, HTML coding, dancing, songwriting, photography and graphic designing.

Her life slogan? “One of a Kind”